Editor’s Note

November 4, 2009


In the evening of Tuesday 1st April 2003, the Los Angeles Times posted an editor’s note on its website, notifying readers about the violation of the newspaper’s photography ethics policy. The editors outlined the incident, its investigation, the outcome (Walski’s dismissal) and posted the picture alongside its two originals, with a description of the alteration.

The following day (Wednesday), both the L.A. Times and the Hartford Courant published the three pictures and the editor’s note in their pages. The Tribune published a correction on Thursday.


Hartford Courant correction

The Hartford Courant’s correction (2 April 2003; p. 5)


The Los Angeles Times Editor’s Note is available from the following website:



Who made the decision to dismiss Brian Walski? Was it right of them to do so? Is this a situation of ‘political correctness’? What is the difference between law and ethics? Was the purpose of the Editor’s Note to do justice or to make the newspaper look good?




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